"How to Experience the Power of Prayer" - Part 4 (Matt. 6:9-10

This video is about NET Mini-Conferenc 2015


Psalm 91:3 February 11, 2015

This video is about Dealing With Discouragement

This video is a message for our Series, "How to Act in Church"

This video is about Abraham - Stepping Out in Faith

This video is about Stepping Out In Faith - Lesson 1

Week 1: DO GOD'S WILL - Memory Verse Philippians 2:13

MasterLife Week 4 - "Fellowship with Believers"

This video is a keynote presentation from Week 3 Group Meeting.

This video is apart of a series of messages preached for Psalm 40:8. The series is entitled "Doing God's Will" This is part 1 of the series.

This video was recorded during our Tuesday morning Seasoned Saints Bible Study Class. The Lesson is apart of a topical series on "Reasons For Corporate Worship." This lesson is Reason #8 of "Why I should be In Church"

MasterLife - The Disciple's Cross - Week 2

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